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Watch GR The Visit (2015) ((FULL))

Two siblings from Philadelphia, 15-year-old Becca and 14-year-old Tyler, prepare for a five-day visit with their grandparents while their divorced mother Loretta goes on a cruise with her boyfriend. Loretta reveals that she has not spoken to her parents in 15 years after marrying her high-school teacher, of whom her parents disapproved. Having never met their grandparents, the teens plan to record a documentary film about their visit using a camcorder.

Watch GR The Visit (2015)

Upon watching the footage of Nana with the knife, Becca and Tyler video call Loretta and beg her to collect them. Upon showing Loretta her parents while they are outside, she unnervingly declares they are not her parents. Realizing they have been staying with strangers, the teenagers try to leave the house, and suddenly discover Nana and Pop Pop hanged the woman from a tree, and forcefully encourage them to play Yahtzee. Later, Becca sneaks into the basement and finds the decomposed corpses of their real grandparents, along with uniforms from the psychiatric hospital at which they worked, revealing the impostors as escaped patients. Pop Pop grabs Becca and imprisons her in his bedroom with Nana, who tries to attack her in a psychotic fit. He then tortures Tyler by smearing his face with his dirty diaper. Following a struggle, Becca fatally stabs Nana with a glass shard from a broken mirror, then runs to the kitchen and attacks Pop Pop. As Pop Pop gains the upper hand, Tyler knocks him to the floor and kills him by repeatedly bashing his head with the refrigerator door. The teens escape outside unharmed, where they are met by their mother and police officers.

To receive their free pass for national parks, fourth graders can visit the Every Kid in a Park website and play a game to access their special Every Kid in a Park pass. Fourth graders and their families can then use this pass for free entry to national parks and other federal public lands and waters across the country from September 1, 2015 through August 31, 2016. The website also includes fun and engaging learning activities aligned to educational standards, trip planning tools, safety and packing tips and other important and helpful information for educators and parents.

HCPS staff will have professional development on Monday, April 3 and Tuesday, April 4, 2023. Please note, schools and offices will remain closed to visitors on these dates, to allow ALL HCPS staff to participate in these professional development opportunities.

Do you know about our Learning Together program? HCPS is looking for typically developing 3- and 4-year-old children to participate in a free, 2- or 3-half-day preschool program for the 2023-2024 school year. The purpose of the Learning Together Program is to have typically developing children learning alongside preschool children with disabilities. The program promotes social, communication, literacy, and numeracy skill development for all children.The program is located at the following schools: Meadowvale Elementary, Havre de Grace Elementary, Edgewood Elementary, Homestead/Wakefield Elementary, Youths Benefit Elementary, and North Bend Elementary. Children must be at least 3-years old as of September 1, 2023 and be toilet trained.For more information and to access the application, visit Please contact with any questions.

Graduation dates, times, and locations have been finalized. Visit the calendar page on for the full schedule and visit our YouTube channel or click here to watch the latest Parent Academy Real Talk discussing graduation ceremonies this year.

Organizations interested in learning more about DocuSign may visit DocuSign Booth #744 at the DIA 2015 51st Annual Meeting at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C., June 14-18, or visit

Today was our first full day in Trinidad, and we started our day touring the city. We visited this pottery shop that has been in the same family for generations. The family elders teach the trade to the younger children to keep the craft alive, and the work is just beautiful. They had their pottery wheel set up in the middle of the shop so you could see the work being created, which was super cool to watch.

After lunch we ventured back to our hotel, where we could rest and relax. A few of us spent the time on the beach, swimming in the sea, playing games with some of the children, and not using enough sunscreen. Once dinner had finished we went back downtown to watch live music and dancing.

Lastly, the graphics in the film are stellar. In many cases, it seems as though you are actually in the jungle scenes. The way the sets are decorated makes it seem as though settings in "The Hunger Games" exist in real life. For example, when the main characters visit the Capitol, the control center of the government, a futuristic world is fabricated into a perfectly plausible setting.

Long before Arthur Phillip and the First Fleet arrived at Port Jackson on 26 January 1788 - the date now celebrated as Australia Day - nature and then later, indigenous Australians, left their mark on this most beguiling of countries. Which all means that there are endless opportunities for visitors to explore, even on second, or third, fourth or fifth visits.

Next week, Weds. Oct. 7 from 10:30-12:30, watch the Illinois Fourth District Appellate Court hear oral arguments for both a criminal and a civil case at the College of Law (Rowe Auditorium).

For similar experiences at schools that do not offer an interview program, applicants may be interested in campus visits. Campus visits will not be considered in the application process, but they still provide valuable insight into the schools and what they look for in their students. Speaking with current students, sitting in on a class and meeting some of the faculty will aid prospective students as they narrow their choices.

Please visit where you will find the recently launched PHS website. At the new site you will find an updated calendar of all PHS events, an updated description of all PHS events, and an updated list of the requirements needed to become a member. Additionally you will gain access to the newly re-established Gavel News Blog and find lists every possible way to contact the organization

For more information about Hyperscan, visit this page and listen to a recent podcast featuring Sab Gosal, Segment Manager of the Communication Infrastructure Division at Intel, on SoundCloud or The Hub.

Learn more about this IWPC informative workshop hosted by Intel. Due to overwhelming interest and a 100-person limit, register and book your hotel today! To learn more about IWPC membership, please visit the IWPC website.

As discussed in recent blog posts, ever since the visit by Rev. Jesse Jackson to the region last December, a growing number of companies, individuals and organizations have come together to figure out practical strategies which will make the Puget Sound region THE region where talented women and minorities with tech skills will want to work and stay.

Visits to historical sites. There are a number of sites in the Washington area where speeches we will study this semester were given. These include the Lincoln Memorial where Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech was given, the United States Capitol where a number of our speeches were given either on the floor of the Senate or in the well of the House. There are others as well. To fulfill this option you will visit sites where speeches are given or other sites of 20th century history relevant to the course and write a report on your visit. That report should: (1) describe what you learned at the site and (2) how the site changed the way you understand some discourse you have studied this semester. Remember when you visit the the capital to check security requirements before you go.

Videoexperiences. There may well be programs broadcast on C-SPAN or the "American Experience" series on PBS that provide insight into the context for some of the speeches we study. Many of these videos are available in our library; some are available on line; others are available for purchase. Some may even be rebroadcast. These programs or videotapes are typically from one hour to six hours in length. There are also a few films that can work for this assignment, but handle this carefully. If it is not on the website list, check it out with me. I will give you my recommendation on whether I think you will be able to do the assignment on the film or not. You may watch one of these programs, then write a report in which you: (1) describe what you learned related to one of the units of our course through the videotape, and (2) how the videoexpereince changed the way you understand some discourse you have studied this semester.

Museum Visits. A number of museums in the Washington area feature exhibits related to 20th Century socio-political life and leadership, although with the economic conditions many are not currently offering exhibits on the 20th century. The National Museum of American History does not at the moment have obvious exhibits that will assist us. The Smithsonian's Museum of American Art has a New Deal exhibit that will make you work a bit. In fact, some of the lesser known museums may be best at the moment. The Woodrow Wilson House is open for visits in NW Washington. But you might want to check out other ideas you have with me. Another good option is the King and FDR memorials on the mall. The Newseum may also be an option but has a very expensive admission fee. Following your visit to one of these sites, write a report in which you: (1) describe what you learned related to one of the units of our course through the visit, and (2) how the visit changed the way you understand some discourse you have studied this semester.

Book Reports. Or you can do a good old fashioned book report. Read a historical study of some event or speaker in the 20th century. Write a report in which you: (1) describe what you learned related to one of the units of our course through the visit, and (2) how the book changed the way you understand some discourse you have studied this semester. 041b061a72

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