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Benjamin Bennett
Benjamin Bennett

Crash Bandicoot [psx] PAL - Iso-

  • Mapping the emulated RAM to the address 0x0 will allow Lightrec togenerate much better code.Update core options to v2 format

  • Mupen64Plus NextUse Fiber backend on Win32.Works around driver crashes on AMD Windows since driver seems to rely on unwinds to work properly.libco cannot support this without using a more robust backend.

  • Update ParaLLEl RSP

  • Update ParaLLEl RDP

  • ParaLLEl RDP: Workaround Nvidia driver bug on 525.x series with PRIME.

  • Update HLE RSP

  • Update GlideN64

  • update Makefile to enable GLES3 support for rpi4

  • Add workaround for IOS/emscripten NPOT Textures mitigation.

  • Add iOS AArch64 core

TyrquakeAdded 384216 resolutionAdded 384216 resolution, so we can have a fullscreen, pixel-perfect experience at both 19201080 (Full HD) and 38402160 (4K).

Crash Bandicoot [psx] PAL - iso-


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