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Buy Scrubs With Paypal

Pulse Uniform, established in 2003, is a trusted online provider of medical uniforms and accessories. We offer high-quality nursing scrubs that are available at the lowest prices. Shop with us and you can take advantage of amazing deals such as free shipping on orders $40+, affordable embroidery services, daily deals, large discounts, special promos, and many more

buy scrubs with paypal


We only want the best for you, so we have partnered with the trusted brands in the industry to bring you high quality healthcare uniforms. We are proud to carry brands like Cherokee, Dickies, Landau, Adar, White Swan, and many more.

Pulse Uniform makes sure that getting the high-quality scrubs we offer need not empty your pocket. We offer these superior quality and fashionable nurse scrubs, lab coats, and accessories in the lowest prices. Still we make it easy for customers to save with monthly coupons and discounts that are just right for you. Monthly coupons are available for customers who have subscribed and registered to receive special discounts and promotions in their email. These monthly coupons can be used alongside the lowest prices we have on all our products and free shipping offer.

Every now and then, Pulse Uniform holds clearance and seasonal sales for medical scrubs from the past seasons especially when we are ready to unveil the new season collections from the different manufacturers and brands. Save as much as 55% to 70% on the same high quality nurse scrubs from topnotch brands with our end of the year sale. With order over $40+ (Regular United States Postal Service (USPS)) you can still avail free shipping. Huge savings on already affordable medical scrubs and uniforms.

At Pulse Uniform, sizing is not a problem. We know that comfort at work depends on a large part to what you wear for work. We make sure that no matter what size and shape our customers will not have any difficulty getting the right scrubs - not too large, not too small but just right for you. We can offer you a large selection of scrubs and uniforms custom made just for your needs from sizes XXS to 12XL, with extensions for sleeves and other details according to your preferences and needs.

We make saving really easy for our customers. With orders of $250 and more, we digitize your logo free of charge. We can personalize your scrub uniforms and companies may now have a chance to have their logos for their nursing uniforms and favorite scrubs set up for free. Embroidery starts at $4.49 per line.

We have in-house expert digitizers who are properly trained not only with the technical knowledge and digitizing equipment but also with fabrics and textile, which helps in the whole digitizing process. Because we have this offer in-house, the advanced digitizing we provide can be availed at very affordable prices.

Never miss a thing of the best Pulse Uniform has to offer. Find the exact nurse scrubs, lab coats and accessories that you are looking for with our new e-catalog. Easy to scroll and look for the items. It is convenient to shop from the e-catalog because you can download and order from it. The order form is attached with the e-catalog so all you have to do is download catalog and print order form to us.

We accept Purchase Orders (PO), but it is advisable that you contact us regarding this. We will only accept Purchase Orders (PO) from schools, colleges and universities, government agencies, public hospitals, and private institutions and companies with complete and official documents.

We are consistently committed to giving our customers the best online shopping experience and we know that focusing on customer service is important. We want our customer service to exceed customers' expectations and we make it a point to have our customer support available 8AM-8PM Mon-Fri EST for any inquiries anytime and anywhere. We have representatives available to talk with customers on the phone, on live chat support and even respond to customer issues on email within 8AM-8PM Mon-Fri EST hours.

We know that the fun and easiest way to learn about the style, comfort, and functionality of our medical scrubs is through our product videos. We have a huge video library of high-quality and informative product videos that highlights specific brands, styles, features, colors or fabrics of all our medical uniforms as well as product reviews. We also make sure we have customer service related information like shipping rate, return and exchange policy, international shipping, and many ways Pulse Uniform makes shopping more fun and convenient for each customer.

Aside from the innovative concept in the form of the Uniform Stylist, Pulse Uniform has produced another ground-breaking idea in the Virtual Model Showroom. In this showroom, customers can choose their virtual models based on their body type, skin tone, hair color, hair style, and facial shape that will put on their chosen scrubs. This would allow them to see how it will look on them and know if the chosen nurse scrubs suits their body type and lessen errors on sizing, fit and match with skin tone and body type. We believe that healthcare professional deserve not only to feel comfortable but also to look good in their nurse scrubs.

We have a huge collection of photos of all our products in albums of brands, collections and scrub pants styles. This makes it easier for customers to see for themselves how good each one looks. Each product photo has product details and description with a button that will take you to the shopping cart in case you absolutely love the larger photos.

Pulse Uniform guarantees low-cost and expert personalization and customization with its in-house digitizing. We assure customers that it is easy and convenient for us to ensure that designs are digitized and embroidered in exactly the way they want it to be since our expert digitizers are available in-house 8AM-8PM Mon-Fri EST. We do not outsource our digitizing or embroidery and we make sure that each professional digitizer is trained and skilled by the company itself.

Pulse Uniform believes that it is important that our company be committed to its social responsibility by ensuring that all products being offered by our company are produced without slave and sweatshop labor. Our products are strictly made from the US and our employees are provided for with the correct living wages. We continue to commit ourselves to making sure that our product and services are available at very affordable prices.

Pulse Uniform is a BBB member with a rating of A+. BBB Accredited Businesses, like Pulse Uniform, is contractually obligated to uphold the Standards for Trust set by the Better Business Bureau. And having a rating of A+ is proof that our company advocates all the standard including establishing positive track record in the market, honesty and transparency, approaches all business dealings with integrity, abides all agreements, respond to customers queries and complaints, and safeguard customers privacy.

Pulse Uniform is a verified business in the state of Georgia. We know that technology has made it easier for customers to make online purchases but may have reason to fear providing personal information. Customers can feel confident that they are doing business with Pulse Uniform since being a verified USA business is proof that it is a reputable company operating in the United States and subject to the laws governing all businesses.

Every day, medical staff may come in direct contact with a variety of different contaminants, bodily waste and biohazardous materials such as blood, saliva, urine, vomit, stool, semen and a host of other fluids or chemicals.

In an ongoing effort to keep the medical environment as sterile as possible, scrubs help surgeons, physicians, nurses and other patient-care staff to keep cross-contamination and disease spread hazards to a minimum.

In recent decades, scrubs have become the standard workwear, which replaced the traditional all-white uniforms in the entire medical industry.They are worn by almost all employees in medical facilities such as doctors, registered nurses, technicians, respiratory and physical therapists, technologists and sometimes even by clerical and administrative staff.

The majority of employees in this field tend to work long hours including frequent night shifts and weekends, which leaves very little room in the busy schedule for mainstream shopping. Buying scrubs online is convenient and saves the unnecessary trips to brick and mortar stores.

Shop the best nursing scrubs and medical uniforms at The Uniform Outlet. Your favorite brands like Sanibel Scrubs, Healing Hands Scrubs, Cherokee Medical Uniforms, and more are always in stock and ready for you to look your best in.

Q: Why doesn't my browser work properly with your site? A: Your browser must be Secure Socket Layer (SSL) compliant to take advantage of our security features. You must also have your browser configured to accept cookies. The RMFScrubs website is written to accommodate older web browsers but, we recommend using the most updated web browser available to you to avoid incompatibilities. Q: Why is my shopping cart empty when I return to your site? A: If you create an Account with, then your shopping cart and wish list will be saved for you to access every time you log into If you have not signed into your account, your cart may be saved in your browser if you have cookies enabled.

2) You can also Fax your orders at 888 501 5742 with the product name, colour and size for the products, along wih your email address , so that we can send you Paypal Money request on your email, or you can email us your order at

Purchase an e-gift card online for someone special or send them a gift certificate via the USPS so that they can select scrubs they love, medical devices they need, (including stethoscopes) or comfortable footwear.

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