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Couch Matures

The phrase "You can't shoot bucks from the couch" is pretty catchy, but is it accurate? I don't think so. In fact, as I begin my 30th year sitting in treestands, ground blinds and large branches (early years!), I have realized that I have indeed learned to shoot more bucks while hunting less. That doesn't mean that I am always sitting on the couch, or even hunting from the couch for that matter, but what it does mean is that as in most things in life, "less is more". Here are 5 reasons that you can find more hunting success, by doing more:

couch matures

When it comes to harvesting mature bucks, I urge you to discover "less is more" instead of "You can't shoot bucks from the couch". Because, when it comes to consistently placing your tag on a mature buck it pays to be patient, while at the same time keeping your family, herd and boss as happy as they can be!

Already in the houses of the superrich, home-automation systems control lighting, security, music, even window shades. The technology costs a lot because it's not standardized. (Zenith's Space Commander didn't sell well either because it was expensive at the time.) But as the technology matures, home-automation installers expect demand to surge among middle Americans.

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THE STERILE COUCH T. P. MILLAR* Just before he died, Sigmund Freud confided to William Sargeant, a prominent British psychiatrist, that he hadn't meant it all to happen. He was referring not simply to psychoanalysis as a treatment but to the vast and unforeseen effect of Freudian theory on this Age of Passion. As the poet Auden put it in his famous memorial to Freud, "to us he is no more a person / now but a whole climate of opinion." It is this climate of opinion which continues despite the widespread discrediting of psychoanalysis in the professional literature [1, 2]. No one has addressed himself more cogently to assessing the validity of the various elements of psychoanalytic theory than has Hans Eysenck in his Decline and Fall ofthe Freudian Empire [3].1 Although Eysenck and many others have demonstrated that the psychoanalytic claims to superior therapeutic efficiency simply do not hold up when subjected to searching examination, this information has not appeared to have a significant effect on psychoanalytic practice. Though psychoanalysts are keeping a lower profile these days, there are still many practicing in Canada and more being trained all the time. This is because the public is not yet aware of the situation, an ignorance supported by the vigorous need of the psychoanalytic community to obfuscate the issue by constructing a triple-layered pattern of defense against the painful truth. The Triple-Layered Defense LAYER ONE: THE DIAGNOSTIC AD HOMINEM Instead of dealing with the arguments and issues raised, the defending psychoanalyst, in more or less subtle ways, contrives to raise quesEditors ' Note: We recognize the controversial nature of this essay and welcome goodhumored responses.Address: Suite 23, 659 Clyde Avenue, West Vancouver, B.C. V7T 1C8, Canada. 1Ifone is interested in reading a well-documented survey ofthis accumulated literature, this is the book to read. 1989 by The University of Chicago. All rights reserved. 003 1-5982/89/3202-0610$01 .00 272 I T. P. Millar The Sterile Couch tions concerning the mentalhealth ofthe critic. Oblique references to suspicion and hate in the critic are enough to tell the sophisticated reader the analyst thinks this man is a paranoid and to imply that his criticisms are thus invalid. An example of such is the strident attack commonly mounted against the persona rather than the ideas of Thomas Szaz. LAYER TWO: THE INVINCIBLE IGNORANCE PLOY Should defense number 1 fail to deal with the issue, many psychoanalysts fall back to their second line; they declare the ignorance of their critic. However, when they are pressed, it soon becomes clear that, by their definition, ignorance is an inevitable state for all but practicing psychoanalysts. In their dictionary one cannot know anything about psychoanalysis until one has spent 200 hours on the couch, and another 600 sitting behind it. The old-time religions put it more simply; "believe and then ye shall understand." LAYER THREE: THE BABY AND THE BATHWATER If, despite these maneuvers, the critic persists, he will be rewarded with an egregious insincerity which goes: Don't throw out the baby with the bathwater. However, if one asks for a definition of which is baby and which is bathwater it will be readily apparent that the words are empty of meaning. However, despite these last-ditch skirmishes by various professors and journal editors of the Freudian persuasion, psychiatry is rapidly leaving psychoanalysis behind. Unfortunately, the grip of Freudian theory on the laity is unrelenting. The common expectation of middle-class parents bringing children to the child psychiatrist is that their symptomatic child has suffered an emotional trauma whose infantile origin has now been repressed from awareness. They are convinced some instinctual conflict balefully resides in their child's unconscious where it seeks to bend his persona to its deviant will. Their expectation of the child psychiatrist is that he will uncover the trauma, work through the instinctual conflict, and restore their child to normal psychosexual development. Despite its wide discreditation, these persons take the instinctual conflict origin of neurosis as a given. Tell them there is no such unconscious conflict, that what their child needs is to develop the adaptive strength that will allow him to...

Cardi's Furniture & Mattresses literally has something for everyone, whether you're a college student or a homeowner! Snag that new couch for your new entertainment room now that the kiddo is out of the house, or get some killer decor to hang around your dorm room with some throw rugs!

The Culture Couch Series is a place to engage in cross-cultural understanding. The symbol of a couch reflects the casual and comfortable nature that we come together with in this student-led weekly series. 041b061a72

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