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Josh Moeller
Josh Moeller

Chrissy Cream Tranny [UPDATED]

The most notable physical characteristic of Chris, beyond the obvious morbid corpulence, and his insane tranny operations that only succeeded in giving him a pair of pendulous french-fries-with-soy-sauce induced man boobs, is that he wears a medallion made out of crayola FUCKIN' MODEL MAGIC and acrylic paint everywhere, at all times in homage to his yellow Sonic re-color. In public. As if that weren't lame enough, Chris-chan actually has a shitload of medallions: The blachu, and the "Rosechu" medallion (which he planned on giving to his sweetheart), suggesting that he has far too much free time on his hands. Which, of course, he does, because who the fuck would sit around on their fat ass all day coloring-in comic book pages if they had anything better to do with their lives?

chrissy cream tranny

The GAMe PLACe (later known as Cville's Hobbies, Games, and Toys and defunct as of June 2014) was a comic, gaming, and hobby store located in Charlottesville, Virginia where Chris played Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and other games that the DSM-5 officially lists as autism spectrum disorder symptoms. Chris was a regular for many years (unfailing showing up wearing his Sonichu medallion) where he became well known for scaring little kids, throwing bitch-fits when he lost (which other regulars say was often), and threatening to fight other patrons (who apparently did not simply beat his ass down because they found him to pathetic). It was also here that Chris was to meet the ill-fated Megan Schroeder. Although he had received a temporary ban before, Chris eventually found himself permabanned in 2008 after getting into a racist screaming match with a black patron. Despite intervention from his long suffering mother, neither of them were able to convince manager Michael Snyder to allow him back into the store.

It was believed far and wide that no legal action would be taken against Chris. Considering he's an autistic brony tranny, it's only natural he has unconditional protection from any legal action whatsoever due to fellow allies constantly bitching for their rights. However, he was removed from the home he and Barbara shared, which ended up with him sleeping in his car, doing god knows what in there. (Imagine the smell and the amount of trash that has been trapped in there for the past 10 years.) And then, in a shocking twist of events, Chris not only got his corpulent rapist ass V& but was LEGALLY DECLARED A MAN AND LOCKED UP IN MAN JAIL to be Bubba's new bean bag chair until his trial!

It should also be noted that, in Virginia, mother/daughter incest is not covered under Virginia's incest laws. Since Chris-Chan is an autistic tranny he could've technically gotten away with it if he was considered a woman under the eyes of the law. Prosecutors might've had to drag all 1000+ pounds of Chris-Chan's smelly fat ass to the Supreme Court and get them to declare it a man for the incest charges to stick. 041b061a72

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